Project documents

Every now and then we will be posting papers written by people involved in the project.


Pornography in the Public Eye Brief 2013

Octavia Calder-Dawe & Nicola Gavey – Project briefing paper


De-knowing and re-knowing misogyny through pornography

Nicola Gavey – Catalogue essay


Gender, Sexism & Social Activism resource

Octavia Calder-Dawe – Resource for workshops with young people



Amelia Hitchcock – Essay considering the Art of the Pornography in the Public Eye Project


“The Porn Project: A radical experiment in/of the vernacular?”, The Vernacularist, Issue One, 2013,

By Rachel Liebert, Co-curator, The Porn Project


The choreography of everyday sexism: Reworking sexism in interaction‘ by Octavia Calder-Dawe. In new formations: a journal of culture/theory/politics, 2015, 86(1), 86-105. doi: 10.3898/NEWF.86.05.2015


‘”Out of sight, out of mind”: Detachment and men’s consumption of male sexual dominance and female submission in pornography’ by Aleksandra Antevska and Nicola Gavey. Men & Masculinities, 2015, 18(5), 605-629. doi: 10.1177/1097184X15574339


Making sense of everyday sexism: Young people and the gendered contours of sexism’ by Octavia Calder-Dawe and Nicola Gavey. Women’s Studies International Forum, 2016, 55, 1-9.  doi: 10.1016/j.wsif.2015.11.004


Rape culture and social media – Young critics and a feminist counterpublic by Sills, S., Pickens, C., Beach, K., Jones, L., Calder-Dawe, O., Benton-Greig, P. & Gavey, N. In Feminist Media Studies, 2016, 16(6). doi: 10.1080/14680777.2015.1137962