Symposium 2015


A symposium held 28 January 2015 presenting research from the School of Psychology related to ‘Pornography in the Public Eye’, a project supported by the Marsden Fund.

Issues discussed included: Gender and the ethics of pornography, ‘pornified’ bodies, the wider context of misogyny and rape culture, gendered violence, intersections of race gender & sexuality, young people dealing with sexism and feminism. GenderSexPolitics Poster

Link to videos of the following presentations by clicking on the title hyperlink

Nicola Gavey, Gender, power and porn: A New Zealand perspective 

Virginia Braun, The modified vulva, aesthetic labour, and a ‘pornified’ female body

Ann Cahill (Elon University, USA) Bodies, sex work, and ethics: Thinking beyond objectification

Aleksandra Antevska, Toxic exposure: Academic engagement with pornography

Jade Le Grice, Living complexity: Sexuality at the intersections (not available)

Octavia Calder-Dawe, Speaking out, keeping cool: young people and everyday sexism

Karishma Beach, Lloyd Jones, Chelsea Pickens & Sophie Sills, Social media activism and rape culture: Counterpublics and accountability

Michael Flood (University of Wollongong, Australia) Shifting men’s relations to pornography: An assessment of abstinence (feminist and Christian), sexuality education, critical literacy, and other strategies