Public programme

Each Saturday during the Art Exhibition (August – October 2013),  a free public event related to the theme of the exhibition was held at the Gus Fisher Gallery. Below are videos, photos and synopses of many of the events.   

A Different View: Art and social change
Julie Ewington (Head of Australian Art, Queensland Art Gallery) and Rachel Liebert (The Porn Project & City University of New York) explore the potential for art in its many forms to ignite different ways of seeing and even social change. (NB: Contributions from the audience have been edited out due to sound quality)

A Different View: Artists speak
Exhibiting artists, Lauren Lysaght, Lonnie Hutchinson, Peter Madden and Liz Maw talk with Linda Tyler about their work and their reasons for exhibiting in A Different View.


Women in Advertising: The representational reach of pornography?
With Viv Stone, Sandy Callister and Tracey Lee
How might the increasing pervasiveness of pornographic representations of women’s bodies and sexuality be impacting the advertising genre? Today’s panellists have worked extensively in the advertising industry and they reflect on the representation of gender and sexuality and how the visual and representational conventions of pornography might be seguing into advertising.

ADV Advertising panel Viv StoneADV Advertising panel crowd









Women in Advertising – Sandy Callister; Viv Stone Advertising&Pornography


Eroticising Inequality: Reality and risk
With Maree Crabbe and David Corlett, (Educators and research leads on Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality, Victoria, Australia) 
Reality & Risk is an Australian initiative that responds to the social and personal implications of increasingly pervasive and hard core pornography in the lives of young people. Maree and David discussed their research project and you can see excerpts from that here:

Raewyn Dalziel and Claudia Pond Eyley - Suffrage event
Women and Art – a Suffrage day event
To mark the anniversary of suffrage in New Zealand, a discussion by Claudia Pond Eyley and Jan Morrison, makers of the Women’s Suffrage Memorial in Khartoum Place, with Professor Raewyn Dalziel of the University of Auckland’s History Department.


Parental Guidance Recommended: MTV and your tween
Parents and tweens talk about music videos. There has been concern about the content of popular music videos for some time, with critics troubled by the submissive female roles and narrow and exceptional representations of women’s – highly sexualised – bodies. Yet they are increasingly explicit. Are music videos like advertising, being influenced by pornography? How do tweens themselves make sense of what they see and what it means?


Women, Pornography and Sex
With Ema Lyon (Owner/Director of D.Vice) and George Parker (Women’s Health Action & The University of Auckland). Feminists have hotly debated pornography, disagreeing over whether it contributes to the sexual oppression or the sexual liberation of women. Nicola Gavey invites today’s panellists to discuss their views on these issues, look at how this debate holds up today, and whether the usual association of ‘sex positive’ with ‘pro pornography’ makes sense any more.

A Rear View: Reflecting on art and change 
With Nicola Gavey, Linda Tyler, Virginia Braun. This panel discussion concludes the A Different View exhibition and associated public programme, with the research investigators reflecting on the relationship between art, ways of seeing and social change.

Thanks very much to everyone who contributed their time, wisdom and thoughts to make these events so enjoyable and engaging.