A Different View: Artists address pornography attracted media attention, taking the issues to new audiences and forums. See below for links to a selection of interviews, pictures and reviews.

Artist interviews:

Originally aired on Radio New Zealand’s Arts on Sunday, Sunday 18 August 2013, artists Judy Darragh and Lauren Lysaght describe their takes on centrefolds and Adults Only movies created for A Different View: Artists address pornography.

From Planet FM’s 106.4 Kickarts, Sunday 18 August. Judy Darragh speaks with Richard Green about the ubiquity and proliferation of pornography and the catalytic contribution of art to illuminating the issues. Starts playing from: 22′ 00″.

Opening night events:

TV3’s Nightline, Friday 23 August. Ali Ikram attends the opening night of A Different View and speaks to some of the exhibiting artists about their artworks and reasons for contributing.

See photos from the opening night on Gay Express’s website and at the Art’s Diary.

A selection of reviews:

Read the full review by TJ McNamara of the NZ Herald 7th September, which he sums up as: “TJ says: An unlikely and, at times, very frank exhibition for a university gallery, with clever comment and memorable images but very little moral indignation”.

Pondering Porn at the EyeContact site (18th September) – in reflection of its stated purpose: ‘Critical reviews and spirited discussion on art and visual culture in Aotearoa New Zealand’ – includes an interesting discussion in the comments section.

The Listener’s Adventures in the Skin Trade by Edward Hanfling suggests that: “The opening of A Different View: Artists Address Pornography was an unusually crowded affair, but the exhibition is an invitation to think rather than just look.”

And John Daly-Peoples of the National Business Review describes the show as: “rang[ing] from works which have elements of pornography to poetic and academic reflections on pornography and sexuality…”