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Art exhibition 2013

A Different View: Artists address pornography brought together artworks by 20 New Zealand artists to call into question the gendered and raced conventions of pornography. Showing new and existing artworks, from painting to performance, by well-established to emerging artists, the Gus Fisher Gallery made space for addressing sexism and racism within mainstream contemporary  pornography.

Curated by Linda Tyler, with Virginia Braun and Nicola Gavey, A Different View opened on Friday 23rd August and ran until Saturday 12th October 2013. See photos of the opening night [1] and a video of speeches from Julie Ewington (Queensland Art Gallery), Nicola Gavey and Linda Tyler.

You can see a selection of the art works [2] and the accompanying wall labels. A video capture of one of the opening night performance pieces is here [3]. There was plenty of media response [4] to the exhibition and you can peruse a selection of those.

During the 2013 exhibition we ran a programme of public events [5] in the gallery and recorded some of those events. The public programme page currently has footage of ther Art and Social Change panel and the Women Sex & Porn panel along with some photos and speeches.

The Art and the Artists:

The artists were selected by a reference group for their known engagment with issues of gender, sexuality, bodies and representiational politics in art. They were invited to explore the creative possibilities for generating critical engagement with the gendered and racialised gaze of pornography.  Find out about the artists [6] and see them discussing the work they contributed and its relation to the invitation (or click on the name of the artist you want to see from the list below). The art works in the exhibition were those chosen by the artists, with feedback from the curators, in response to the invitation. The participating artists were:

Kushana Bush [7] Liyen Chong and Clara Chon [8] Judy Darragh [9]
Sorcia Forgan [10] Amelia Hitchcock [11] Lonnie Hutchinson [12]
Esma Kazal [13] Shigeyuki Kihara [14] Hye Rim Lee [15]
Lauren Lysaght [16] Peter Madden [17] Liz Maw [18]
Richard McWhannell [19] Sam Mitchell [20] Reuben Paterson [21]
David Thomas [22] Yvonne Todd [23] Rohan Wealleans [24]

The aim of the exhibition was to revitalize public debate on pornography and the implications of a wider ‘pornographied’ society, despite the prevailing atmosphere of tolerance and silence. It brought together art with the potential to open new ways of seeing, stimulate different kinds of questions, and illuminate the understories of everyday pornography. What do they have to say about gendered sexuality and power that, ironically, cannot be spoken? How can we illuminate, and disrupt, these silences?

Gus Fisher Gallery
The Kenneth Myers Centre,  74 Shortland St, Auckland Central
Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 12pm-4pm, Facebook [25]

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