Artist Bios

Sorcia Forgan

Sorcia ForganSorcia Forgan is a multimedia artist who lives in Christchurch New Zealand. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at the University of Canterbury in 2003 and in 2011 was awarded a PhD in Cultural Studies. Her uses interactive, installation and audio-visual formats and is currently focused on both performance installations and freelance illustration. Her work is concerned with interrogating and undermining dualisms that continue to maintain the divide between normality and its supposed counterpart, the abnormal. For A Different View, Sorcia reinterprets Manet’s ‘Olympia. Beholden: (To Olympia)’, bringing to the fore the differences between the equality of representation and the reality of a highly mediated and monitored policing of the body through the mechanism of the gaze, to perpetuate a normative and hierarchical mode of seeing.