Artist Bios

David Thomas

David ThomasDavid Thomas graduated from Unitec in 1994 with a Bachelor of Design (3D) and a Masters of Art & Design at AUT University in 2009. David was an initiator of the co-operative Indicator Studio space, was a researcher for two “The Big Art Trip” television series, and the NZ at Home television series (all hosted by Douglas Lloyd Jenkins). He has also been a frequent exhibitor within public gallery and museum spaces around New Zealand and he has artworks held in the collections of the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the Dowse Art Museum and in private art collections. Until 2010 David created sculptural objects that rested between the spheres of applied and fine art. He used vintage film stocks and resilient plastics as weaving mediums, producing beautiful and thoroughly executed artworks, in iconic South Pacific woven forms such as kete (baskets) and whariki (mats). More recently Thomas has focused on developing artworks where decision-making in regard to object narratives, physical outcomes and media choices, have been determinedly driven by the concept as a means by which to ‘break new ground’ in his art practice.