Artist Bios

Amelia Hitchcock

Amelia HitchcockAmelia Hitchcock is based in Auckland, New Zealand and graduated Masters of Fine Arts from Elam School, The University of Auckland in 2012. Most recently she has been exploring ecological concerns in communication with scientists in Fresh Water Ecology and Geology. Her focus has been on exploring the efficacy of utilising art as a catalyst of social change, the interaction between art and science, and designing projects which demonstrate tangible facts in a creative fashion. Her Masters final large scale performance event ‘Retreat: An interdisciplinary exploration of the Tasman Glacier’ illustrated the retreat of the Tasman Glacier. See video here. Engagement in A Different View and ‘Pornography in the Public Eye’ has signalled a shift back to exploring gender, sexuality and identity through an intersectional feminist lens and exploring the links in the systems of social privilege and disadvantage back to climate change discourses.