We are grateful to the many New Zealand key informants who have talked to us about their knowledge and views around pornography, and to colleagues locally and internationally for discussions that have helped to shape our perspectives on the issues.

A Different View was made possible through the contributions of many people; in particular we would like to thank the members of the reference group, those who lent art work, speakers in the public programme and the Gus Fisher Gallery staff.

Many people contributed creatively, logistically, and with resources to the Porn Project’s art works and activities and we are grateful to them for their involvement and inspiration.  In particular we would like to thank Briar Vivian and Gayle Hogan and the Intentional Space collective.

Thank you to participants in the Media, Sexism and Social Action workshops.

This project is supported by the Marsden Fund Council from Government funding, administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand, and is supported by The University of Auckland.


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