Sexual Politics Now is raising questions about pornography. About the sexism, misogyny and racism that shape portrayals of women and men in popular pornography as well as in wider media and culture.

Pornography is widely accessible and widely consumed. Yet, how much do people in general know about what is in everyday pornography? What do they know about how it shows women, men, and sex? And what do we all think about this?

We set up Sexual Politics Now as a front door to some of the work we are doing at The University of Auckland, asking these kinds of questions. As well as giving a glimpse into the projects we are working on, we want to make a space right here for talking about sexism and racism within pornography and for sparking creative critical responses to it.

We hope this site will provide points of interest for everyone who wants to live in a society that is more caring, equal and respectful. Whether you love or hate pornography, or have no opinion on it at all, we believe you will want to take a stand on the sexism and racism that seem to shape so much of it.

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